Friday, June 16, 2006


Norouz is the first thirteen days of New Year in Iran .The beginning of New Year is also the beginning of spring for Iranians. Everywhere is full of beautiful and colorful flowers especially in Shiraz which is named “the city of love and romance”.

In Norouz holidays most of people travel to other cities and enjoy their holidays. My husband and I also went to the northern cities of Iran , beside famous Caspian sea.

It was a great joy because both of us love the scenery . Although the weather was not so good ,the atmosphere was wonderful.

Of course before traveling there we had visited all of our relatives. In Iran it is an old costume to visit all the relatives in Norouz days.

Among al Iranian festivities the most important feasts were considered Norouz and Mehregan.
During the time when the avestan calendar was used the year began at the cold season .The Christian year also starting in the cold season follows the same concept as the avestan calendar.

Some scholars believe that the month of Mehr was the beginning month of the calendar year during achaemenian era. The Mehregan feast celebrated the beginning of a new year. Later Mehrgan was especially important for the people of southern who considered it still to be their Norou.

For the celebration of Norouz the participants wear new clothes and set a decorative colorful table.

I know that foreigners will enjoy seeing these costumes closely. I advise you not to miss visiting Iran in the first thirteen days of Farvardin , which is Norouz.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nowadays, the system of most of Iranian universities is co-education system. There are lots of problems facing these colleges or universities.
There is only one university in this country with the system of single-sex education and it is proved there are lots of advantages regarding this system.

I, myself, agree with the system of single-sex education, realizing its advantages. I see no disadvantages in it. Many examples could be brought up .Only a few will be discussed below.

First of all, the motivations I mean the internal ones would be just regarding education, higher studies and knowledge. It is seen in other universities that most of boys and girls during the last semesters only g to see their special classmates of opposite sex.

Secondly, the students for instance in As Zahra uni. are very comfortable and relax in the classes even about their dressing. There is no anxiety to be mocked by boys and the lecture speaks without any stress to make a kind of bad atmosphere in the class.

Next, the students as said before just think about their education and possibility of their marriage during their studies will be decreased. We know a married person can’t study in the best form.

Finally, it should be denoted that there are lots of advantages regarding this system which enable students to continue their studies in a very comfortable condition.

Celebrating Mehragan

For this celebration The holy book Avesta, a mirror and Sormeh Dan (antimony cellar) are placed on the table together with rose water,sweets, flowers, vegetables and fruit, especially pomegranates and apples. A few senjed silver coins and senjed seeds (fruit of the lotus tree) are placed in a dish of pleasant smelling wild marjoram water.Almonds and pistachio are also used.

A burner is also part of the table setting for kondor (frankincense) and espand (rue seeds0 to be thrown on the flames.

Horrible Experience

My brother and I were learning how to swim. I was just 6 years old .My coach wanted to teach the people who were more skillful the method of another type of swimming. The coach wanted to make me busy in order to teach the other group. She ordered me to swim the length of pool for 30 times without any pause. She was a bad-tempered woman and my heart was full of fear, fear of the coach. So I was obedient to her. Without any pause in that cold water I was swimming and swimming. After 10 or 13 times it got so hard to breath and I lost my control and tried to grasp the rope at the middle of the pool but it was useless; I was drowning and crying Leslie. But there was no help because of the sounds which echoed in the pool.

Fortunately, my brother saw me and pulled me out. He saved me. I was still breathless. The coach saw me out of water and came to us. She angrily told me why I hadn't obeyed her. At this moment my brother lost his temper and cried out” you are responsible for this accident.”

I was just thanking God for sending me back to life.

Friday, May 12, 2006

What a Lovely Creature !

It was a warm day .The smell of Lily flowers was every where. it is typical of May in Iran . The trees were giving birth to new fresh blossoms and in this beautiful time my sister was going to give birth to a lovely baby.

I had an appointment with my husband in front of my university at 3 o'clock .We were to go to hospital and visit my sister and her expected baby.

There was a speculation; We knew my sister was going to have the operation on 12 p.m., so it would have been finished on at least 2 o'clock. But when we arrived she was not operated yet.My sister's husband and his sister, my mother and we were waiting eagerly.There was a sweet taste in my mouth . What a joy .The first grand child in our family.He was born at 3.30' p.m. The baby was a white and pink cute boy.

When the nurse brought the baby out of the room we followed her . My husband wanted to take a look .He loves babies .The nurse showed the baby for a moment and it was my husband who saw him before anyone else . He even didn't allow the baby's father to do it first.So the nurse thought my husband was the father.After the nurse went to a small room upstairs to wash the baby ,locked the door.Whenever she came out ,looked at my husband and said "it's so cute .I'll show it to you again." The real father was quiet .We all had understood her mistake and laughed at it .At last when she wanted to give it asked my husband to go and sign.The real father who couldn't tolerate anymore said '' I am the father. what a mistake!"

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

If you want to travel to the best kept secret of Asia you should chose Malaysia. The tropical paradise.Malaysia is a premier tourist destination. It is located at the junction of the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.So it is humid and the scenery is glamorous . Rain tends to occur between November to February on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, on western Sarawak, and north-eastern Sabah. On the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia the rainy seasons is April to May and October to November. It worth visiting and would be one of the best experience in your life.

Malaysia is primarily divided into two distinct parts: Peninsular Malaysia and the East Malaysian provinces of Sabah and Sarawak. The two regions are separated by the South China Sea. Malaysia shares borders with Thailand and Singapore while the Sabah and Sarawak border Kalimantan (a part of Indonesian). The west coast of Malaysia faces the Andaman Sea . Accordig to the location you can guess that this beautiful country is full of attractive forests . I can emagine how it would be nice to walk in these forests and listen to the songs of its fabulous birds. If you are looking for white sandy beaches with palm tree lined beaches or a cool lush enviroment in the highlands Malaysia has all of them.

Although Malay is the official language, English is widely spoken, especially in business, and the English language is a compulsory subject in all schools. Although the official religion is Islam, freedom of worship is practiced. As a result, it is a common to see temples, mosques and churches within the same area.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Is Housework Degrading ?!

Housework is not degrading for when a man or a woman work in home they are making a relax atmosphere for their partner , in other words she or he is respecting his or her spouse .
Housework is not hard for me but whenever I see one of my friend looking down to the subject I get so depressed that I can't tolerate speaking about it any more .
In my idea the husbands who help their wives in housework will be loved apparently more because they ,themselves,declare their love for their wives by this act.
Of course, in Islam wives are not responsible for working in home but most
of them do it as a financial help to their husbands and as I said to declare their love for their cozy family.


The first experience of creating a web log which could be visited by all the nations all around the world was a very sweet one .
In general human being needs to communicate and be trusted by the others and when the other party is a large scale it becomes very interesting .
When I learned to make a personal web log I decided to introduce the Iranian culture and also to help the other nations to know my country in its real form.
I had a mail address but used it in a few occasions.But now I am checking and visiting other's personal web log every day.
Also it's very exciting to leave comments for a friend ,a professor and so on.I'm eager to encourage all my friends who don’t have a weblog to create one , visit other's and enjoy to communicate with people all around the world

In my part , I believe this act is shameful . I've heard that in some hospitals whenever a patient is likely to die and is suffering they will make it sooner
in other words they kill the patient.

Firstly, it is not according to Lord's order , for he tell us to try to be alive . Also when she is suffering in this world, it is likely he is gaining salvation .We know it is an advantage to gain salvation in this world and to go to the ever lasting world with out any sins.

Secondly ,we muslims believe in miracle so in the least possibility of survival for the patient the one who does euthanasia is a murderer.

Some people believe the organs of the patient could be given to other patients in need of an organ .But this also is acceptable if only the patient's brain has stopped, in other words it is died.So sooner or later the patient's heart and body will die. In that condition it is a good and admirable act to use his organs in order to enable the other to survive .

Finally, euthanasia is not acceptable except for the condition above.

Nuclear Energy
Every body is familiar with nuclear energy and a large scale of people
know the eternal advantages of this facility .We know that most or all of
developed countries use it.

It has become a maxim in Iran these days that having and using nuclear
energy is our absolute right,and whether the people with high ranks in foreign
countries understand it or not is a simple question.

It is clear for every body that all sources of energy will finish a day and
the countries should mind it to prevent the problems it follow and the only
solution is to develop nuclear energy.

It was stated in a newspaper that Iran has bad intention and wants to
misuse nuclear energy but is there any one to ask them if they are fortune tellers
or if America ,France or other countries having this energy doesn't misuse it?

Finally , nuclear energy is essential not only for providing energy but also for
defending against global arrogance and foreign invaders .

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hi! Iُ m Leila Ajaq. Iُ m an English literature student in the
state university of Alzahra located in Tehran , capital city of Iran. Iُ m married to a lovely man and live in Karaj. For the season I am a junior, Iُ m passing the last few credit units such as Essay- Writing.
I told Essay-Writing, Iُ d better say my professor is a nice and knowledgeable woman named Ms.Marandy. She had told us to deliver our essays in this web log. I love my major and do whatever my professor want me to do.
As well as a student, Iُ m a teacher in some institutes. I ask my student to study up to Ph.D , and honour themselves and our country. In my opinion trying to be knowledgeable is trying to honour oneُ s personality , and good for such society with such students.
Of course most of the Iranian are literate. Iُ m reading paper every day and see what the Iranian and inventers do for the human society.
Maybe the level of IQs are related to the weather and conditions of the societies. You know Iranian guys are very intelligent and Iran is a very beautiful country with great people. I mean great in friend ship, family relation ship and hospitality and so on.
Every city in Iran has lots of attractions and historical places in it. You will enjoy visiting each of them.
The museums are very interesting for the very very old things in them.
At last let me tell you about the city I live in, Karaj. The weather is very good and people are friendly, of course there is a bad point the most of times there is a terrible traffic in streets of the city .
Come and enjoy visiting my country. Bye!